Find A Way Through The Mountains

Follow Jacob through the mountains while he talks about the history of the place. There aren't any collectibles at the moment, so just enjoy the conversation. But soon enough, the two of you ae separated once again.

Sprint down the only route you can take as boulders and debris shower down around you. Just keep running until a short cutscene plays and Lara dives to safety. She radios Jacob and then you regain control.

Roll through the gap ahead and take cover. Three Trinity soldiers are trying to deal with a few problems, so you won't be noticed. Use a well-aimed headshot to kill the man on the catwalk. Then bring down the remaining men any way you like. The soldier above is a little harder to hit, as he keeps moving around. Try to get a little farther to the side if you want the headshot.

Search for arrows and a survival cache along the left wall. Next, try to use the elevator to escape. But it doesn't work very well, so you need to find another way.

Push the mine cart on the tracks nearby over to the wall. Climb up onto it and hop onto the catwalks. Look on a crate for the Combat Knife. This knife cuts through ropes, which makes it a very handy item. Use the knife on the ropes holding up a crate. Leap across the gap you just made and use the knife again to cut through two lines holding the elevator up. You cannot climb up the shaft, but you can climb onto the elevator. Jump onto the ice wall from the elevator and climb up.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Walkthroughs

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