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Follow the paw prints in the snow straight ahead of you. Soon, you will reach an area that contains a dart trap. Running and jumping through this area lets Lara pass with little or no damage.

As you go around the next corner, the camera shows you an opening in the cave wall above you. Don't go up there yet, there is a secret to be found.

Continue straight into the next room. There is an angled block in the far left corner with an opening above it. Grab onto the back of the block and pull up. This makes Lara slide down the face of the block. Press Jump and Action as you slide down to let Lara jump into the air and grab the ledge. Pull up into the opening and enter. Inside is Secret #1, a Small Medi Pack.

Jump back down and go back over to the opening where the camera pointed at before. Climb up to the top and ready your pistols. Three bats will fly in. Lara will point her arm at them, press Action to shoot. When they're dead, move into the cave on the left. In the far right corner there is a drift of snow that slopes up near an opening. Go stand on the drift, facing the wall below the opening, and sidestep to the left as far as you can go. Stand close to the wall and press Action + Jump to climb up into the opening. Kill another bat that swoops in and pick up Secret #2, a Small Medi Pack.

Drop back down and go back to the main cave.

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