Going Back In

Rescue Sam from Mathias

A base camp sits just inside. Rest and make upgrades for later. The first relic is on a table to the north. Move to the door opposite the entrance to find the first document

Grab all of the ammo you can before using the axe on the door to enter the next chamber. In the next room, a huge cage rests under a ground gate.

Search under the platform to the north to find the second relic. Scramble up the wall to the right and use your axe on a crank.

Turning this crank results in the ground gate opening. Drop down and scramble up the wall to the left and crank that gear to raise up the cage. Move to the left to find a document. Turn around and run up the ramp, jumping and catching the ledge. Climb up to the balcony and move to the center, overlooking the room. Jump over to another balcony to the right to find the treasure map and a salvage trunk. Go back to the main balcony.

Use the rope ascender to swing the cage. It will smash into the rocks on the other side, creating an opening. Return to the ground and climb over to the right crank. Close the ground gate and then go over to the left crank. Turn that so the cage crashes into the gate. Return to the balcony above.

Use the rope ascender to swing the cage again. This time, hop on it as it comes closer. Then, as you get closer to the hole, jump in. Lara will study the room and learn more about Himiko. Enter the small room to the southeast to find the final document

Exit the room through the tunnel to the left and you will find the the last base camp. This camp is your last chance to Fast Travel. Grab the final relic in a small alcove by the camp. Use your axe on the door to get outside.

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