Going Back In

Search the Monastery for Sam

26 chasm stronghold02
Move through the hallway and hide behind some barrels as you wait for some Oni to exit the room. When they have moved away, go down the hall and burn away the cloth covered barrels. Crawl through the tunnel that was revealed and you will find yourself in a room filled with Oni soldiers.

Duck behind the short wall ahead and follow it up some steps. Cross the wood beam above the guards and hop up to the ledge ahead. Shimmey past more Oni.

Lara soon attracts their attention and she starts to run down a hall. Push the analog stick towards the camera to keep moving.

Lara then slides down a short slope, and when you move ahead, an Oni Warrior attacks. Be quick and mow him down as two more come after you as well. You can dodge and counter their melee attacks, just as you do with the Solarii.

Proceed down the hall and rest at the camp. When you are done, use the axe on the door to get back outside. Lara sees Sam and Mathias in the distance.

Rescue Sam from Mathias

Climb up the platforms to the left and slide down a slope. Run out onto the bridge for it to collapse underneath you, sending Lara to the ground
below. You now have to face one of the most difficult battles, but it's not the Solarii. You have to defeat some of the Oni to move on. Keep moving as arrows rain down from Oni archers ahead.

Warriors charge at you , so hide behind the shacks so you can defeat them away from the arrows. Flee to higher ground when you are overwhelmed, this gives you an advantage.

After you have killed a couple, they will knock down a tower, which gives you a way across, but it brings more Pikemen and Archers to you.

Use the round orange balls as explosives, all you have to do is shoot one and it blows up, damaging or killing the Oni near it. Keep moving and fighting, it's not good to stay in one place. Use your grenades on the archers to flush them out of hiding.

After the battle is done, a different tone of music will play and a rope coil will be revealed on the gate ahead. Loot and grab ammo before tearing down the gate. Move up the ramp and start across the bridge. The Oni Stalker appears, with a giant club in his hand. Lucky for you, the wind sweeps him away as Lara holds on with her axe. Enter the building ahead for some peace.

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