This tomb is only available to those who have the definitive edition of Tomb Raider or have purchased the DLC. If you do not have any of these things, the tunnel will be blocked by rocks.

Move through the tunnel and when you reach the room with the wrecked airplane, splash over to the rock that has a lantern glowing above it.

Shoot the lantern with your bow to bust it. This fire catches the cloth and burns its way over to a tree stump that's holding the plane up. The stump breaks down a bit, but you need to break other parts so the plane will fall down.

Go to the left and scramble up the wall. Pick up a lantern and toss it at the cloth-wrapped tree. Jump down and run over to another wall. Scramble up and shoot the lantern to light up the burner. Next, jump onto the box and then grab the arch. This swings the burner into a shack, which collapses and takes part of the plane down as well.

Jump down and go to the left. Head towards the rock with the body strapped to a board standing straight up. Climb up to its location and shoot the lantern, lighting the top of the board on fire. Then press the melee button when prompted to shove the board over. The fire catches to more cloth and collapses the plane.

Go back over to the lanterns sitting on the ground. Grab one and aim towards the hole in the top of the ship. Toss it in and the cargo blocking your way in burns and falls out. Jump over to the wing that lays on the ground and over to the hull. Leap into the place where the cargo was burned out. Scramble up the wall and hop over to the temple, open the chest for your reward and use the zip line to get back down to ground level.

If you return here later in the game with the grenade launcher, the door behind the waterfall can now be blown open. Inside is a large collection of goodies and ammo.

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Tomb Raider (2013) Challenge Tombs

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