The Fast Way Down

Travel to the Survivors' Camp

When your gondola comes to a sudden stop, fire a rope arrow at the coil across from you at the tower. Slide down and climb the ladder on the side.

Ride down another zip line to the ship that somehow hangs in the sky. Enemies drop onto the ship using zip lines when you land. Shoot them off the lines for an easy kill. If any make it onto the ship, act quick before you're caught in the gunfire.

Soon, another Solarii grabs a turret and starts to shoot the cables that support the ship. Lara grabs a hold of a railing to prevent herself from falling.

Climb up and wait for the bullets to tear through the wood and for the yellow rungs to be exposed. Climb onto them and continue until she climbs through a hole. Run away from the part of the ship that's busting apart and jump to the yellow bars. Lara crashes through platforms and then she falls onto a zip line. Slide down until the button to drop appears.

Lara catches the next rope, and when time slows down, drop to the green square platform below. Lara slides downhill and pulls out her shotgun, so shoot the boards and barbed wire. Jump over to the next zip line. Drop to another rope and then drop one last time into the water below. Shoot through a barricade and Lara drops over a tiny waterfall.

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