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Run to the back wall when you gain control of Lara. Climb onto the snowy rock and jump to the wall. Lara will grab a ledge, so shimmey to the right until you reach the broken part of the ledge. Lean to the right and press jump for Lara to jump across the gap and grab the ledge on the other side. Move around the corner and keep going to the right. When you get close to the end of the ledge, lean Lara away from the wall and press jump. She will grab a snowy rock behind her. Pull up.

Turn to the left and take a running jump over to the formation ahead. After you're across climb up the ledges and handholds. After you've pulled yourself up to solid ground, stand with your objective (the top of the cliff) to your right.

The on-screen instructions will show you how to grapple swing. Take a running jump off the rock and press the grapple button quickly. Done correctly, Lara will be hanging from the cable. Swing forward until you gain enough speed and then press jump to land safely on the stone bridge ahead. 

After the short introduction to the level, you can talk to your guide. He will mention an inscription above the doors. That's what you need to reach. 

Climb up the rocks to the left of the doors and grapple across the gap to the right. When you've landed on the rocks, turn around and grab the lowest handhold. Then climb up to the next, climb to the left, and jump to the left to grab the ledge above the big doors. Pull up and stand near the Button. Press Interact to press it. When the cutscene ends, you will find yourself inside the cave. Follow the passage to a large stone plate on the ground. Stepping on it causes the dart traps to kick in. Roll and jump through the darts to avoid taking unneeded damage.

But if you would prefer to deactivate the traps, here's what to do. Approach the first trap and turn left. Jump to grab the lowest handhold and jump up to grab a higher handhold. Climb around the corner, jump up, and jump up once more to grab the Switch. Lara's weight pulls it down, and it turns off one set of the traps. Drop down to the handhold below the switch and jump backwards to the other side of the pressure plate to grab another handhold. Climb to the left around one corner and drop to grab the second Switch. This turns off the other set of traps. Proceed down the passage and around the bend. Go up the steps to the right and follow the walkway to the left. Jump across the gap and grab the wooden platform ahead; pull up. 

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