Reach the Mountain Summit

Walk forward and follow Jonah along the thin, snowy path. Don't become distracted of the winds or how high up you are. Just walk straight and, obviously, don't jump off the cliff.

After a while, the snow under Lara's feet collapses and she drops down. Press the Action button to attach to the ice and prevent Lara from plummeting over the cliff. After Lara is hanging onto the ledge, move the left stick to shimmy along the ledge to the right.

Jump to the next ledge using the jump button. Move to the far right and jump up to more ledges, where you reach solid ground. Pull up to a ledge above and look right. There is an icy wall you can climb.

Go over to it and press the Action button to latch on to the wall. Climb up and around as you avoid the parts of the cliff that aren't climbable. Jump twice to the left when you are at the top. But be sure to hit the Action button to attach your
axes back onto the ice. Make a big leap over to Jonah and follow him through the cave.

Follow the path towards the summit, and watch a short cutscene play. When you regain control, jump to the right and latch onto the icy wall with your axes.

Climb up the wall until Lara gets onto some safe ground. But she now has to sprint out of the area. Run forward and jump when you reach the wooden walkway to the old wooden boards ahead.

Keep running, and at this point you should be passing an old wrecked plane. Jump onto the zip line and ride it through a wall of ice. Catch yourself before Lara falls to her death. Quickly jump to the ledge on the right and run right, jump, catch yourself, and run some more.

When you reach the ledge, the game turns back two weeks so we can find out why Lara got into that predicament.

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