Guilty Conscience

Reach the Smoke Beacon

To the right is a base camp. Rest and make any purchases. When you're done, move down to the end of the path and fire a rope arrow at the coil below to make a zip line.

Ride your zip line down to the bottom and hide behind the short wall. Quietly take down the three men when they seperate. After they are dead, go into the house they came out of and grab a relic. Ignore the barb wire barricade for now.

Move up the big set of stairs and light up the statue. Then use the cart to jump out to the zip line and slide down to the main section of the village. Search under the house for a GPS cache.

Climb the stairs and leap over to a cliff on the left. Light the statue. Return to the stairs and head towards the blue smoke.

Use a rope arrow to reach a higher area on the left. Climb the craggy wall and quietly kill the man with his back turned with a stealth kill. Do the same to his buddy.

Enter the cave to the left and light the statue.

Challenge Tomb is nearby. If you would like to raid it, make a zip line over the gap near where the men where standing. Climb across and enter the cave ahead. Click here for the walkthrough.

Leave the tomb, move down the path to the right, and drop off the cliff. Jump over the water to the east and grab a relic. Cross the tree bridge to the southeast and go to the right for a nest of eggs. Climb the nearby rock wall and light the statue.

Use a rope arrow on the small shack to the east and slide down. Sitting on a table is a document. Create another rope bridge over to a small island, where a GPS cache is located.


Jump southwest to another portion of the island near a tree stump. Run up the stairs and light the statue. Shoot another rope arrow to create a bridge to the east and slide over. Jump to a small wedge to the south to find more eggs . Jump straight up and climb to the upper level, where you will find a document.

Create a rope bridge near the smoke and start to climb across. But the post comes undone, so press Interact as you fall to sink your axe into the craggy rock. Climb up to enter the next area.

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