Next to the Windmill base camp is a cave. Enter it and follow the passage around until Lara slides down a slope. Press the Interact button when Lara slips and climb up and around some ledges. After a few steps ahead, the cave splits. Take the right path and continue along. Walk across a beam and squeeze through the crack to find the tomb.

The Chamber of Judgement camp is in this chamber as well. Grab a yellow container that sits near the fire and place it on the upright end of the wood board that serves as a teeter-totter. Use the ramp on the left to jump onto a ledge holding another container. The ledge snaps and you and the container fall to the floor. Pick it up and place it with the other container.

Move into the crevice with the plane wheel and fire a rope arrow at it. The plane wheel smashes into the ledge behind you, sending a container to the floor. Place it with the others.

This weighs down the side of the board. Run up the side that is facing towards the craggy wall and jump. Remember to attach your axe to the rock. Climb up and claim your reward. To get back down, hop on the rickety wood platforms and then jump into a tube to side down to the ground. Exit the way you came.

Well of Tears Chamber of Judgement Stormguard Sanctum
Tomb Raider (2013) Challenge Tombs

Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC · Tomb of the Unworthy · Halls of Ascension · Well of Tears · Chamber of Judgement · Stormguard Sanctum · The Flooded Vault · Temple of the Handmaidens

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