This Challenge Tomb is located just west of the path to the gate and in the southern part of Shantytown. But for first time visitors, watch out, as there is a snare trap set up in the doorway. Go to the left to avoid it and shoot down the salvage to disable the trap.

Use a rope arrow to rip away the planks. Drop down into the shallow hole and pick up a GPS cache. Follow the dark tunnel until you reach a narrow plank. Walk across it to reach the other side of the gap. Crack open the salvage crate and keep moving to find another crate. There are some salvage nets hanging around if you need more salvage. Climb down the ladder near the edge and drop down again. Squeeze through the crevice to enter the tomb proper.

Pick up the cans next to the Well of Tears camp and throw them onto the metal hanging platform. Then jump onto the platform and let it drop to the ground. Stay on the platform and pick up the cans. Toss them back to the ledge above and then run off the platform. Quickly hurry up the slope to the left and around the campfire. The platform will keep rising. Jump onto it and then over to the ledge with the tattered cloth hanging from it. Climb up and claim your reward.

Hall of Ascension Well of Tears Chamber of Judgement
Tomb Raider (2013) Challenge Tombs

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