After you hide behind the concrete block and eliminate the two men standing on the cliff above you, climb up to their location and use your axe on the door to the bunker before walking across the bridge. Make your way through the twists and turns of the bunker.

When you reach the room with the old cannon, crouch into a small tunnel. It will open up into a large room containing the Flooded Vault camp. Run up the steps and press the glowing green button. This turns on the power, which makes a light turn on and make the water turn electrified.

Run back down the steps and press another button. This opens the door to the water. Run over to the raft and set the cloth ablaze to send the raft floating. Go over to the room on the right and blast the barrier with your shotgun. Pull the raft towards you with a rope arrow. When the raft gets close, hop onto it and then over to another balcony to the right. Shoot another rope arrow at the plug on the ceiling. This raises the light out of the water for a few moments, so use the time to cross the water over to the steps.

As the light hits the water again, pull the raft over with a rope arrow. As it gets closer to the light, pull the plug and the raft will float under the light, and when it drops back down it will land on the raft. This makes the water safe to cross. Splash your way over to the stairs on the far side of the room. Climb them and claim your reward at the top.

Stormguard Sanctum The Flooded Vault Temple of the Handmaidens
Tomb Raider (2013) Challenge Tombs

Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC · Tomb of the Unworthy · Halls of Ascension · Well of Tears · Chamber of Judgement · Stormguard Sanctum · The Flooded Vault · Temple of the Handmaidens

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