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The DLC games are also included below. 


  1. No Illusions

Mediterranean Sea

  1. The Path to Avalon
  2. Niflheim 
  3. The Norse Connection 
  4. God of Thunder 
  5. Realm of the Dead 

Coastal Thailand 

  1. The Remnants 
  2. Bhogavati 
  3. The Ancient World 
  4. A Puppet No Longer 

Croft Manor

  1. Protected By The Dead 

Southern Mexico

  1. The Unnamed Days 
  2. Xibalba 
  3. The Midgard Serpent 
  4. Land of the Dead 

NOTE: There is no "The Midgard Serpent" level in the PC game. 

Jan Mayen Island

  1. Gate of the Dead 
  2. Valhalla 

Andaman Sea

  1. Rituals Old 

Arctic Sea

  1. Helheim 
  2. Yggdrasil 
  3. Out of Time 

NOTE: There is no "Helheim" level in the PS2 game.

Xbox 360 Bonus Levels

  1. Beneath the Ashes
  2. Lara's Shadow

Treasure Hunt Mode

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