Tomb Raider (2013) Guide to 100% Completion

After you complete the game, a message pops up on-screen. It will show if you fully completed the game or not. If you didn't get 100%, it's easy to go back and get whatever you missed. Just click continue and the game will take you to the Forest Ruins base camp  in the Coastal Forest.  From there you can easily fast travel to areas that you need to complete.

What You Need To Do To Get 100% Completion

  • Finish the game.
  • Collect all documents, relics, GPS caches, and treasure maps.
  • Find and raid all Challenge Tombs.
  • Complete all Challenges.
  • Earn all Skill upgrades
  • Fully unlock and upgrade all weapons

You do not have to play the multiplayer game to get 100% completion. But it does include some Achievements/Trophies.

If you are missing any Skills or Weapon Upgrades, you can revisit areas that you can find a few animals and enemies to hunt and fight. Use your salvage and XP to make your final upgrades. (Areas that still have a few enemies are Mountain Village, Shantytown, and Shipwreck Beach.)

If you don't know what collectibles you're missing, just open the in-game map and scroll through the areas to find places that do not have everything completed.

Once you know what you're missing, use fast travel to return to areas with collectibles still remaining there. Use your map to set waypoints to reach the collectibles faster or check the walkthroughs here.

There are also quick guides to  every single document, relic, GPS cache, and Challenge.

NOTE: Cliffside Bunker is the only area with collectibles and no base camp. You will have to walk to Cliffside Bunker on foot if you are missing anything there from Shipwreck Beach.

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